01 December 2009

I'm fine, thank you!

Howdy, flyingjacks? Long time no see. Sorry I'm too busy, so I haven't updated this blog yet. Oya, visit&follow my another blog, please? Thanks ;)

PS: linknya klik post sebelumnya aja yah, terima kasih!


31 August 2009

find me&follow me

25 August 2009

start line: tired already

sorry that I'm not updated this blog for a while. I was quiet busy with college thingy and um I had no time to update this blog! Well, 2 weeks ago I was having prokm, fyi me&Bryan were in the same group! Lucky me. And prokm was really cool, I like the closing part, the fireworks especially.

Well, college life has started and it made me very tired. And I still have no spirit to study, oh my, oh my. I still need those lazy days! Uh-ya, happy Ramadhan everyone :D

recent news:
-My parents moved to Osaka, Japan. Now I live in Indonesia alone. Nah, kidding, I still have my friends, relatives, and boyfriend. Next September I'm going to visit them, yay!
-Masih dapet kalkulus, walau cuma dikit. Oh no-no-no alamat 38 lagi!
-Happy four months, deaw!

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09 August 2009

ready, set, go!

College life will start tomorrow, good luck!
And good luck, for ITB 2009 yang besok tes, including me ;p

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