20 February 2009

some test about me

You are Brown Sheep, who is modest and have a gentle atmosphere.
You tend to express self confidence and calmness.
You also have guts not to give up on things so easily.
You are not shy towards men too.
You like to take care of the others, and can not turn down favors.
You are rather emotional, and optimistic.
This leads you in making hasty decisions and overly optimistic outlook.
You tend to take on things without thinking about your capability, and suffer with burden afterwards.
You should think twice before taking on favors.
When you can't cope with the work you took on, it is you that people regard as a person who lacks perspective.
You have your own sense of values.
You try to seek values in other people, and will start a relationship on trust.
But you tend to be stubborn, and have great many likes and dislikes.
You also hate being instructed, and decisions made by other people.
You have observing eyes towards the others, and your natural sense of instinct and decisions are well developed.
You are also a good negotiator.
You are kind to those who work under you, and will not forget to show consideration and generosity.
But you can be hard and difficult to those above you.
They will regard you as being a rebellious person.
You are a proud person, and do not like to lose.
Nevertheless, you are very sociable and intelligent.
You will not end up being an ordinary housewife.
You are a bold and passionate person.

Note: mostly bener looooh ;p



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